Savory Stuffed Breakfast Pancakes in the Chinese Style

Drizzle the cooked side of the pancake with hoisin and chili sauces. Include some of the pickling
veggies together with fresh cilantro.

To add a crunchy touch, use a cookie or crispy fried wonton in the middle.4. SERVE AND FOLD:
Gently fold the pancake in half over the contents with a spatula, then fold it again to create a quarter.
round. To condense the crispy portion and the contents, lightly press.

Using a cutting board, place the pancake and chop into little pieces, or serve it whole for an
real street food encounter.

To create additional pancakes, repeat the procedure with the leftover dough and fillings.meeting these
Chinese-style packed breakfast pancakes are a delectable and distinctive addition to any meal.

your daily schedule in the morning. With every mouthful, the savory flavor melds with the pancake’s soft, crunchy texture.

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