Keep fleas, ants, and roaches out of your home for good with these 12 easy methods

To get rid of fleas, you need to get rid of their eggs and larvae, so spend a day washing everything in the house where they might live. Throw all your bedding, bathroom mats, clothes and soft rugs into the washing machine, paying special attention to your pet’s favorite blankets or cushions.
If you have a pet and the flea problem has been bad, it might be worth throwing out its bed and getting a new one, since fleas lay their eggs in the stuffing as well as the cover. Next, vacuum your house thoroughly and be sure to get into all those dark spots; fleas love to live in areas that don’t get a lot of sunlight.
3. Salt your carpet
A layer of salt will dehydrate and kill the fleas living in your carpet. Use finely ground salt, and sprinkle a generous layer over your entire carpet. Leave it for one to two days or as long as you can, and then thoroughly vacuum.
4. Make a natural flea spray

Once you’ve controlled the initial flea population using the steps above, make your own natural products to keep the fleas away. Neither of these contain any harsh chemicals and are safe to use around the home, but be careful not to use rosemary oil or powder on your cat; it might have an adverse reaction.Y
5. Deter ants with household products
If you can see where ants are coming into your kitchen, spread a line of petroleum jelly, duct tape or talcum powder across the entry point. You can also wipe the trails clean with diluted cinnamon oil, or place ground cinnamon or whole cloves near the entry points.
Spraying white vinegar, fresh lemon juice or diluted peppermint oil across old ant trails also works to remove their chemical scent so that the colony doesn’t continue to use the same path. Try drawing a line with chalk around the entry points, because ants are repelled by calcium carbonate. If you’re having a picnic, place a water-filled container under each table leg; the ants won’t be able to get onto the table at all. For a step-by-step guide to get rid of ants, be sure to check out these 4 easy ways to keep away ants.
6. Bait or trap the ants

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