Keep fleas, ants, and roaches out of your home for good with these 12 easy methods

Fleas, ants and roaches are common household pests. There are many products that claim to kill these annoying critters, but most of them are full of harsh chemicals, require you to leave your house for a few days or leave a toxic residue in the carpet that you wouldn’t want your children or pets to be playing on.
Instead, a number of safer home remedies can get rid of fleas, ants and roaches using common household products and good hygiene practices. Keep reading for 12 awesome methods:
1. Use dishwashing detergent against fleas
It’s like liquid poison to fleas. Try washing your pet with detergent, which will clean its fur and kill any fleas. It’s best to use a natural formula and test a small area first, as some animals have sensitive skin.
Second, make a flea trap by pouring dishwashing liquid into a very shallow bowl or plate. Fleas are drawn to light, so place a candle in the middle or keep it under a lamp; over a week or so, you should see fleas becoming trapped in the viscous liquid.
2. Wash and vacuum … everything

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