How to eliminate a cockroach nest in your kitchen: 2 infallible tricks

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There is nothing more disgusting than after having cooked for a couple of hours, you find yourself with the unpleasant surprise that one or more cockroaches joined your food.

Unfortunately, one of the favorite places for this pest is the kitchen and they could hide in the oven and in any corner of the kitchen.

The first measure is to locate where the cockroaches hide, they generally take refuge in narrow and dark places. As well as where there is food or edible materials, whether paper, cardboard and some types of filler.

Obviously, the best food for them is in the kitchen, that is, the fat that adheres is the best option for this pest.

Next let’s see how to eliminate a cockroach nest in your stove or kitchen: 2 infallible tricks:

The definitive solution to eliminate a cockroach nest
These are 2 tricks or methods to exterminate cockroaches, a true homemade solution:

Trick 1: Onion and Borax Powder

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