Ham Hocks and Beans


I like to use chicken broth or stock. You can use either and you can use whatever you like, such as vegetable. You can also use water. Broth adds more flavor.

Cook Time/How Long Does it Take to Cook
Cook time will vary based on how you like to serve your beans. Do you like them firm, soft, or mushy? They will typically need anywhere from 1 1/2 hours – 3 hours depending on your texture preference. I like to cook mine for under 2 hours. I like for them to be soft, but not mushy.
You can test if they are done by grabbing one bean out of the pot and mashing it with a spoon or fork.

a wooden spoon of pinto beans and ham hocks

Ham Hocks and Beans
This Ham Hocks and Beans recipe is made using any white beans including pinto or navy. The meal is seasoned to perfection using smoked ham hocks and paired with classic cornbread.
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Coursedinner, lunch
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Prep Time1hour hour
Cook Time2hours hours
Total Time3hours hours
Servings10 servings


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