You might want to drop by the Dollar Store for 7 pool noodles when you see what this woman made for her grandson!

Crafting Your Pool Noodle Flower Float:
Step 1: Preparing the Pool Noodles

Cut seven seven-foot lengths of nylon cord.
Thread one cord through each pool noodle. To make the threading process easier, you can tie one end of the cord to a fishing weight and slide it through the noodle.
Bend each pool noodle into a petal shape and securely knot the cord to hold the shape in place.

Step 2: Arranging the Petals

Lay the pool noodle petals next to each other to determine your desired color pattern. If you’re using multiple colors, arrange them in a visually appealing sequence.
Align the noodles petal to petal, creating the flower shape you envision.

Step 3: Securing with Zip Ties

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