Yes, vinegar helps clean the washing machine thoroughly: here’s how to use it

Start by removing and washing detachable parts like covers and soap trays.

Use a sponge soaked in a white vinegar solution for thorough cleaning.

Refreshing Your Washing Machine:

Conduct a regular wash cycle with white vinegar instead of detergent to eliminate lingering odors and residues.

Brightening the Exterior:

Apply a mix of white vinegar and water with a mop to the machine’s surface. Leave it for a few minutes, then wipe down.

Extended Uses of White Vinegar in the Home:

Extend the use of white vinegar to other areas like pipes, faucets, and tiles.

Use vinegar ice cubes to deodorize pipes.

Clean and shine mirrors and windows with a vinegar-water solution.

Tackle limescale on faucets with vinegar-soaked cloths.

Freshen up floors with a vinegar solution, suitable for tiles and different surfaces.

Precautionary Measures:

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