Why You Should Have This Plant in the Garden

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Did you say weed? Purslane is actually a very tender plant, rich in omega-3 and antioxidants. Instead of trampling on it, take the time to pick this “good herb” and enjoy all its benefits.

ad Presentation of purslane Also called market gardening purslane or porcelan, purslane is a plant that is considered a “weed” plant. It is used in cooking as a vegetable, but also in herbal medicine.

It is easy to find it in gardens, but it is much more abundant in warm areas. If you live in France, it is likely to be grown in the south of the country. The scientific name for purslane is porcelaca oleracea.

It is a plant that you need to know well to use it in the right conditions.

ad The virtues of purslane We come to the interesting point of the story. Why eat purslane?

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