Throw walnuts into boiling water, the ingenious trick that hardly anyone knows | You can’t live without it!

When buying walnuts, you have two choices: pre-shelled or in-shell. However, nutritionists lean towards the latter. Why? The shell better protects key nutrients like Omega-3, unlike pre-shelled ones found in plastic bags. But, shelled walnuts are still a healthy, balanced option for immediate consumption, even if some nutrients are lost.

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Peel Walnuts Without Effort: 3 Foolproof Tricks Revealed!

Peeling walnuts in seconds is possible, and you can choose from these three tricks. Most people stick to the traditional nutcracker method, which works well with a little effort. But there are three more techniques to explore!

Boiling Water Method

To use this, boil water in a pot and add the walnuts. Once boiling, wait a minute, turn off the heat, and drain the nuts. Let them cool a bit, then crack them open with a nutcracker. This softens the shell, making peeling surprisingly easy.

Microwave Technique

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