Throw walnuts into boiling water, the ingenious trick that hardly anyone knows | You can’t live without it!

Walnuts are among the most nutritious nuts, packed with health benefits that nutritionists rave about. They’re a great source of essential fatty acids and fibers, crucial for digestive health. Plus, their high protein content and about 611 kilocalories per 100 grams make them an energy powerhouse, mainly due to their beneficial fats.

When buying walnuts, you have two choices: pre-shelled or in-shell. However, nutritionists lean towards the latter. Why? The shell better protects key nutrients like Omega-3, unlike pre-shelled ones found in plastic bags. But, shelled walnuts are still a healthy, balanced option for immediate consumption, even if some nutrients are lost.

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Peel Walnuts Without Effort: 3 Foolproof Tricks Revealed!

Peeling walnuts in seconds is possible, and you can choose from these three tricks. Most people stick to the traditional nutcracker method, which works well with a little effort. But there are three more techniques to explore!

Boiling Water Method

To use this, boil water in a pot and add the walnuts. Once boiling, wait a minute, turn off the heat, and drain the nuts. Let them cool a bit, then crack them open with a nutcracker. This softens the shell, making peeling surprisingly easy.

Microwave Technique

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