This is why many people rub an onion slice on the windows of their house

Do you know why so many people rub onions on windows? You won’t believe it, but it achieves an incredible result.

Although it is an unusual gesture, rubbing onion on the windows is certainly a very original method to make them shine again . That’s right, with this gesture you will clean the windows perfectly, here’s how you should do it!

Onion on the windows of the house: the reasons
Although it is an unconventional solution, using onion to clean windows is a method that guarantees results beyond expectations . Very useful in case of very dirty and greasy windows, or with many fingerprints stuck on them, this method really works and you should adopt it to ensure impeccable cleaning of the windows, and all this in a few minutes.

In fact, you won’t have to make any effort to remove dirt and grease because the active ingredients present in the onion will melt any traces like snow in the sun and the dirt will disappear almost immediately. This method has nothing to do with the usual degreasers that we use, which instead of removing dirt add more.

In fact, the onion immediately removes greasy marks and dirt on the windows and you just need to wipe with a cloth to remove everything in one go. You can even choose which method you prefer to use onion for window cleaning, as you have two available

Two methods of using onion

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