These are so divine! Cherish how fast they are to make!

Non-stick cooking shower or butter for greasing

Fresh chives, finely chopped for embellish (optional)

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Baked Leche Flan


Preheat your broiler to 375°F (190°C) and plan a biscuit tin with a light coating of non-stick shower or butter.

In a huge bowl, whisk together the eggs and overwhelming cream until smooth.

Gently overlay within the disintegrated bacon and gruyere cheese, flavoring with salt and pepper.

Ladle the blend into the biscuit tin glasses, filling them just below the top.

Bake within the stove for 15-20 minutes until they puff up and turn delicately brilliant.

Allow the egg chomps to cool briefly some time recently expelling them with a knife’s offer assistance onto a warm plate.

Variations & Tips:

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