The kitchen is the most effective place to use pesticide to get rid of mosquitoes because it’s free.

Surprisingly, basic household items may be used to make an efficient insect repellent spray. During the warmer months, this natural solution works well to repel insects that may infest your garden and house. Cinnamon and vinegar are all you need.

Cinnamon and Vinegar: A Strong Combination

Cinnamon and vinegar, both of which have many applications, combine to make a safe and natural bug deterrent. Packed with essential oils, cinnamon not only makes food taste better but also works as a strong bug repellant. It is a helpful ally in pest control since mosquitoes are repelled by its perfume.

How to Make an Insect Repellent Spray

Just fill a spray bottle halfway with water and vinegar to make your repellent spray. Add 20 drops of essential oil or four cinnamon sticks for maximum effect. If you use essential oil, you don’t need to wait for it to settle; but, if you use cinnamon sticks, you should give the spice a few days to infuse the liquid with its essential oils.

Making Use of the Repellent Spray

Apply this DIY concoction—which is pet-safe—on skin, clothes, and plant surfaces to repel mosquitoes and stop them from laying eggs. It also functions as an insecticide spray to protect your yard and house from unwanted insects. However, since it may cause irritation from the cinnamon, care should be used while putting it to the skin.

Accept the Influence of Natural Remedies

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