The great trick to eliminate the smell of urine from the bathroom and leave a pleasant aroma

The bathroom remains one of the most fragrant rooms in the house and deserves more attention in its maintenance. Between smells of mold, damp or urine, the bathroom environment becomes repulsive to say the least. The methods that we present to you in this article aim to eliminate these problems to give way to a pleasant smell.

The trick discussed in this article is to deodorize your toilet with a recipe based on cloves. In fact, it is possible to take advantage of its strong smell to eliminate urine odors and put an end to unpleasant smells. Here is in detail what you need to do to prepare your own natural air freshener.

Eliminate urine odors with cloves?
What you will need:

10 nails
A 1 liter bottle of water
15 teaspoons baking soda
A few drops of mint, lemon or lavender essential oil, depending on your choice

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