The Chef’s Trick for Incredibly Crispy, Mouth-Watering Fries

Do you love fries, but every time you make them at home, you just can’t get them as crispy and delicious as your favorite fast-food restaurant’s? Don’t panic! We’ve gathered the best tips for making crispy homemade fries. Test them out today!

How to Achieve Perfect Cooking for Homemade Fries?
Crispy Fries
Fries are loved worldwide for their unique taste, despite warnings about high calorie and fat content. It’s hard to resist indulging in a portion now and then! Well, if it’s just occasional, it’s not so bad. But especially when you’re preparing them, it would be foolish to spoil the enjoyment! To make your fries perfect – very tender inside and crispy outside, the following trick will amaze you.

Golden Rule: You should know that the best fries are those that have been cooked twice. In the first phase, they should be fried at a low temperature (half-cooked), then removed and placed on paper towels to absorb excess oil. After cooling, proceed with the second cooking phase: Dip your fries back into very hot oil to make them crispy.

Here’s the general preparation method:

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