Texas Sheet Cake Cookies

These Texas Sheet Cake Cookies are thick and fudgy cookies that start with a cake mix and are covered in a rich, homemade chocolate frosting!

sheet cake cookies piled on plate.

Ever had a Texas sheet cake? It’s a fudgy, chocolate cake with a rich chocolate frosting that once you try, you’ll want again and again.

So, obviously Texas sheet cake cookies were in order!

We kept things simple by starting with a cake mix, since (in my humble opinion) the star of a cake is the frosting! This frosting doesn’t disappoint either.

The chocolate frosting is boiled and then poured directly over the cookies. It firms up to a fudge like texture that is seriously irresistible.

But just because the frosting is the star, that doesn’t mean the cookies are bad…on the contrary, they’re dense and chewy and loaded with chocolate flavor.

Let’s do this…

Ingredient Notes:

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