Soft and fluffy buns: You Will Be Amazed by Its Taste

Soft and fluffy buns

Ever had that moment when you tasted something so delightful that you couldn’t believe you hadn’t tried making it yourself sooner? Well, get ready for that moment because we’re about to unravel a recipe that’s not just easy but also incredibly delicious. Say hello to your new favorite treat – homemade buns that are sure to impress even the most discerning palate.

Unveiling the Ingredients
200 ml of warm milk
200 ml of warm water
2 tablespoons of sugar
A pinch of salt
1 bag of dry yeast
100 ml of oil
100 g of softened butter
About 750 g of flour
1 egg yolk for brushing
Poppy seeds for sprinkling
The Simple Steps to Culinary Bliss

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