simple Ambrosia Salad recipe

This recipe is one between many dish of my favorite desserts of all time – Ambrosia Salad! it so simple and easy to make it always a big hit with kids and adults alike, make sure to put this salad on the menu for your next party!

in this moment I’m sharing an oldie but goodie with y’all – Ambrosia Salad! This easy dessert salad is always a hit and is a favorite of many in my friends and family, especially my Aunt Judie. There is absolutely no reason to pick this up at the deli when making it at home is SO easy. I love this classic salad and I know you will too!

I absoletley don’t think salads like this can ever go out of style…wanna know why? Because they taste AMAZING! They’re easy. They’re fun. They’re accessible. Kids like them. Adults like them. They’re great for parties, potlucks, barbecues. Have I convinced you yet?

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