“Shiny Floors without Chemicals: Discover the Cleaning Companies’ Secret!”

Vinegar acts as a natural grease solvent, removing lime scale and other mineral deposits, leaving your floors gleaming and spotless.
Final Touch: Peppermint or Lavender Oil:

Add peppermint or lavender oil for a pleasant fragrance and antimicrobial properties.
Mix well and dilute with 5 liters of warm water to create the perfect floor cleaner in just a minute.
Benefits of this Chemical-Free Recipe

Safe and Eco-Friendly:
This recipe is entirely free from harmful chemicals.
Easy to Use:
Simply soak a cloth in the solution and clean the floor.
Lavender Oil for a Pleasant Scent:
Lavender oil not only leaves a pleasant aroma but also disinfects effectively.
Additional Cleaning Tips

For Dark Floors:

This method is especially beneficial for dark floors that show marks and need extra shine.


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