She rubbed her feet with Vicks Vaporub every night. The result will impress you

Use Vicks nightly to treat acne in a thin coating. For consistently cleaner skin, wash it off in the morning.

Relieving Back and muscular Pain: Vicks’ all-natural chemicals help relieve back and muscular pain. For relief, rub it into aching spots like elbows.

Trim That Belly: Combine half a jar of Vicks with one tablespoon of alcohol, baking soda, and crushed camphor. Put it on your stomach, cover it with plastic wrap before working out, and then rinse it off. Similar to certain commercial creams, this can be done two to three times a week to aid in toning.

Before using any new Vicks product, always perform a patch test to make sure your skin will like it just as much as you do!

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