Quick and Easy Scone Recipe (Only 3 Ingredients!)

Scones topped with jam and cream on a white plate.

I don’t know why but I often get a craving for scones when I have been working around the house. Whether its gardening or housework, scones are a popular after work snack. However, as much as I love scones, sometimes I get a bit lazy and can’t be bothered making them. Often it just seems like too much trouble. When you’re really busy and you get a scone craving you need an easy scone recipe, don’t you? Well now I have that easy scone recipe and I want you to know about it to!

This recipe, which I found here at Cooking Crusade, could not be any easier, and it makes THE BEST SCONES that you will ever taste! Even my mum has admitted that the scones made using this recipe are better than any she has ever made! That is high praise because my mum is a really good cook!

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