Put salt in your toilet. Here’s why. This is something plumbers will never tell you

Drain the toilet and add salt. Let me explain. Plumbing companies will never tell you this.

Many of us automatically call a plumber if we have plumbing problems. While it’s true that these professionals have a wealth of experience and knowledge, there is one little-known trick that they may not always tell us.

You read that correctly; all it takes to maintain your toilet in good working order is some plain old table salt. Here we will explore the many ways in which this common kitchen item may become your bathroom’s new best buddy, and we will also wonder why your neighborhood plumber is keeping quiet about it.

The Unrecognized Hero of the Toilet: Salt

Removing Blockages:

Attacking Clogs: The coarse particles of salt are great at dissolving the common causes of toilet clogs, which are usually garbage and extra toilet paper. A frequent salt treatment may be all it takes to keep your toilet from becoming clogged.

Eradicate Bad Odors:

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