Put 3 balls of aluminum foil in the washing machine and get rid of this problem once and for all!

To prepare good baked meals, to dye or straighten hair, to preserve food or wrap leftovers… Aluminum foil is an essential tool at home and its uses are multiple. Including an unknown, but very judicious use, that you probably didn’t know about: protect your clothes with each wash and prevent them from becoming electrified. Quickly discover this brilliant trick!
In fact, when you wash clothes in the washing machine, a certain amount of electrical charge is immediately released. This can significantly damage clothing by wearing down textiles or even tearing fragile fabrics. This static electricity can come from the washing machine itself or from the clothing rubbing against it during washing. Hence the phenomenon of tissue electrification, which is usually annoying and unsightly. So why would it be useful to embed 3 balls of aluminum foil in the drum? We explain everything to you.

Why do you need to embed aluminum foil balls in the washing machine?

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