Potatoes and ham in the slow cooker, eight meals

Accueil I can’t stand eating potatoes when they’re cooked this way.
When potatoes are prepared this way, I can’t stop eating them.

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When you combine the hardness of ham with the quality of dried potatoes, you create a distinct comfort in the kitchen. The Midwestern side dish of potatoes and ham has been prized for years. This recipe comes from the traditional process of finding the flavor of using leftovers, rooted in pragmatism and the need to provide more food for the family. If you want to eat outside on a windy day and all you want is a nice, home-cooked meal, this is the way to go.
A refreshing green salad or green beans can brighten up this hearty, stand-alone meal. Comfort all that greasy sauce with warm cookies or handmade toast.

Potatoes and ham in slow cooker, eight plates

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