Plov Recipe

A one-pot Plov recipe that tastes like the Uzbek version for only a fraction of the time! Learn how to make one of the tastiest plov (pilaf) recipes shared by a church chef himself!

Plov is an Eastern European rice pilaf dish, commonly identified for its aromatic cumin smell and beautiful orange hue. Some versions include raisins and can differ in meats but this recipe stays basic. The main ingredients are rice, lots of carrots and onions, a handful of spices and beef. The church chef’s secret to his plov was using Lawry’s seasoned salt. However, don’t pass on this recipe if you don’t have the spice it can easily be opt with additional salt and paprika. This is my staple plov recipe now, even though the very first post on this blog back in 2015 was PLOV. This is simply the way plov should taste!

What rice should I use for Plov?
Basmati rice, Uncle Ben’s rice, and Jasmine rice can all be used, however Basmati and Jasmine are preferred. Uncle Ben’s rice will give you a fall apart rice texture as the grains do NOT stick together, which some people like. However Basmati rice and Jasmine rice will give you the semi-sticky, yet grainy consistency you want in plov. The church chef uses Basmati or Jasmine for his plov.

How to prevent mushy rice for pilaf:

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