Place bay leaves under your pillow and see what happens during the night

To take advantage of the effects of bay leaves against anxiety and promote relaxation during sleep, there is a very effective remedy for this: a bay leaf infusion, as reported by Health Passport! Yes, just make us some tea . To do it :

Place 2 or 3 bay leaves in 250 ml of very hot water.
Leave to infuse for about ten minutes and you’re done!
Enjoy your herbal tea before going to bed to enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed!
Laurel: be careful not to confuse its varieties!
Laurel or “Laurus nobilis” (scientific name) is a shrub native to the Mediterranean basin and is part of the Lauraceae family. There are many varieties that can cause confusion:

Laurel and noble laurel: these shrubs with large, dark green foliage act as aromatic herbs.
Oleander and cherry laurel : these two plants are toxic and very dangerous. You can only use them as ornaments!
In addition to flavoring and making dishes tastier, bay leaves have multiple effects that are beneficial on a spiritual, physical and therapeutic level, and our ancestors understood this well. It would therefore be a shame not to follow in their footsteps and ignore their proven knowledge of this plant!

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