Place bay leaves under your pillow and see what happens during the night

Have you ever thought about using bay leaves outside of the kitchen? Oh well, in addition to the glitter in an olive oil bouquet for aromatising or the powder transformers to give your plates a delicious taste, we will explain it to you from nombreuses people the placents sous leur oreiller avant de sleep. It’s an old practice that our grandmothers did and which is a little out of the ordinary, but which has still proven itself!
We teach you nothing if we tell you that plants have many surprising virtues, and that laurel is one of them. In fact, it would be a shame not to know how to exploit this evergreen shrub. Explanation !

What are the benefits and virtues of laurel?

Dried bay leaves

It’s not for nothing that bay leaf is used as a natural ingredient in cooking and traditional medicine, don’t you think? Rich in vitamins A, B6 and C, bay leaves support the immune system and aid digestion. The beneficial properties of the foliage of this shrub are not limited to this… Many people put them under the pillow before sleeping.

Why should you put a bay leaf under your bed pillow?

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