MILK BRIOCHE – Best Fluffy like cloud & super soft

It is a good recipe for easy to make and extra soft milk brioche that I suggest you succeed with this article. A delicious light brioche that even beginners will be able to succeed and obtain this sweet scent of pastries. It will be very appreciated at breakfast combining pleasure and greed. A real baker’s classic, of which I will reveal all the tips for making it a success.

**Soft and easy milk brioche recipe

This is not my first brioche, you have a well-stocked category of soft breads and brioches. But then why a new recipe? The bakery as the pastry chef are both part of my first passions. All the brioche recipes posted have evolved with my experience of the subject. Today, I continue to share this experience with you so you can achieve a bakery-like result.

Rich in taste, this brioche will become a good breakfast or Sunday snack. Your children will taste it with nutella, the big gourmets!

Unlike the pure butter brioche like the Nanterre (which contains no liquid apart from the eggs), in the recipe here, the just dosed milk will bring this incomparable softness that we are looking for so much.

*How to make your brioche

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