Lemon and orange peels, don’t throw them away: mix them with vinegar | they are worth gold

Lemon and orange peels are treasures hidden in plain sight, often discarded after we enjoy their juicy insides. However, when combined with vinegar, these citrus peels transform into a powerful, eco-friendly cleaning solution that not only saves money but also leverages their natural properties to enhance our homes.

Why Keep Lemon and Orange Peels?
Lemons and oranges, staples in both sweet and savory dishes, are cherished for their versatility and year-round availability. Beyond their culinary uses, these fruits are packed with Vitamin C, making them essential for bolstering our immune system and aiding in cold relief. But the usefulness of lemons and oranges doesn’t end with their flesh; their peels are equally valuable, especially when used in homemade cleaning solutions.

The Golden Worth of Citrus Peels

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