Ingenious tricks to clean your toilet and remove limescale and bacteria

This is a tedious task even for the house fairies. Cleaning toilets is never a walk in the park, especially when our toilets give off unpleasant odors or have tartar build-up in them. Luckily, there are many easy and inexpensive tricks to make your toilet spotless!

Tartar, limestone and dirt can build up in your toilets and quickly become difficult to remove. Thought of as a chore by most of us, cleaning the toilet isn’t all that difficult . Provided you know the right tips for perfect toilets.

How do stains accumulate in the toilet?
It damages the fittings, collects in our toilets and leaves white spots on our windows, in short, limescale is a real nuisance every day ! This sedimentary rock present in the water from our taps can be very stubborn. If there is no health risk, hard water has the power to calcify the pipes and clog the pipes. Tartar forms, which then becomes problematic because it is difficult to remove. And the longer the problem drags on, the more stubborn the traces become. It is therefore important to trade suitable products as quickly as possible.

Toilet cleaning

Cleaning your toilets regularly will help you fight tartar effectively. Source: Home Serve
What do you need to clean your toilet properly?

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