If your basil has flowers on the tips, don’t throw them away: they’re worth gold if you use them like that.

Basil is one of the most loved and used aromatic herbs . Its scent and flavor are truly unique and almost everyone loves it. It complements many dishes and gives it that extra touch you can’t miss. It is precisely because of its use that it is often decided to plant it near your home. Whether you have a vegetable garden or a simple balcony, just put in a pot and start growing. This way you will always have it at hand and you will not have to ask your greengrocer. It will always be fresh and taking care of it is really simple. All you need is a few little precautions and it’s done.

Flowering basil plant

What you don’t know though is that you don’t have to throw away the basil flowers . In fact, even these are edible and you recognize them because they are similar to ears only they are slightly smaller and thinner. They grow and are usually cut and thrown away. Now we’ll show you why you absolutely shouldn’t throw them away.

Don’t throw away the basil flowers

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