If you do this, all the dirt comes out of the washing machine: no more unpleasant smells coming out of the laundry

The washing machine, one of the most frequently used appliances, often gets neglected in terms of care and maintenance. Dirt accumulation inside the machine can lead to foul odors. Let’s look at the main causes:

Inappropriate Detergents: Not all detergents are suitable for every washing machine model. Using the wrong type can cause soap residues to form, leading to bacterial growth and bad odors.

Low-Temperature Washes: Washing below 40 degrees Celsius may save energy but can also lead to dirt accumulation. At low temperatures, bacteria and grime aren’t completely eliminated, gathering in the drum or pipes.
Excess Detergent: Using too much detergent can cause it to accumulate on the machine’s interior surfaces, seals, or pipes, fostering bacterial growth and odors.
Infrequent Use: If not used regularly, washing machine parts can accumulate dirt and moisture, which promotes bacterial growth and odors.
Lack of Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the washing machine, including its drum, pipes, and seals, are essential. Neglecting this can lead to dirt and bacterial buildup.
Method to Remove Dirt from the Washing Machine

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