I Overcame Liver and Colon Tumors 17 Years Ago With This Recipe

It takes empathy and compassion to share success stories about alternative medicine and wellness. The story I’m going to tell is quite personal, yet it stresses the value of positivity, perseverance, and wellness. When dealing with major health concerns like tumors, it is essential to remember that my experience may not be typical.

A Dish Brought to Light by Hope

The components in the recipe I’m going to provide are well-known for the positive effects they have on health. Due to their high nutritional content, components including garlic, lemons, almonds, dried fruits, and honey have been highly esteemed in both conventional medicine and contemporary diets. The fiber, vitamins, and minerals found in whole grains, such as wheat, are also well-known.

What you need:

fifteen garlic heads

Fifteen lemons

1 pound of ground walnuts

ground hazelnuts (500 grams)

dry figs, 500 grams

50 grams of prunes, or dried plums

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