How to remove moisture from walls so it never comes back

Surely the humidity and mold on the walls of the house will have affected us at some point in our lives, however we may think that it is not so serious that this invades a certain environment in our home. But far from thinking like that, each case is different and must be evaluated individually by a professional.

Let us keep in mind that most houses are built with a foundation structure that is in direct contact with the ground, which is why humidity is always present. It happens that over time, masonry walls absorb moisture that rises through the walls, forming mold. Therefore, we always recommend consulting with a construction professional to verify that it is not a structural problem (also ruling out a water leak in a pipe, for example).

How to remove moisture from walls so it never comes back

Generally when we see the problem on the walls, we act immediately with cleaning and painting to make it look like new. However, the reality is that over the months and years, humidity returns, ruining the rooms of the house.

Below we look at a series of practical recommendations for the definitive solution to this problem:

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