How to Quickly Eliminate Bed Bugs, Cockroaches and Other Insects in Your Home

Discover effective and humane ways to tackle common household pests with our guide. Whether it’s ants, mice, fleas, wasps, cockroaches, flies, or bed bugs, our tips will help you create a pest-free environment in a simple and straightforward manner.

1 – Mice:
Mice, attracted to food and potential carriers of diseases, can be dealt with humanely.

Humane Traps:
Use non-lethal traps to catch and release mice outdoors. Camouflage these traps with newspaper and bait them with cheese or dried fruit.

Natural Repellents:
Mice dislike peppermint and cloves. Scatter cotton balls soaked in peppermint essential oil or place cloves around your home to deter them.

2 – Roaches:
Several natural methods can effectively eliminate cockroaches.

Baking Soda and Sugar:

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