How to prepare dandelion “capers”: tasty and healthy

Dandelion “capers” are a delightful and healthy alternative to traditional capers, offering a unique way to utilize the entire dandelion plant. These edible buds, when harvested young and marinated, can add a tangy and slightly bitter flavor to various dishes, mirroring the classic caper’s culinary versatility. Here’s how you can prepare your own dandelion “capers” at home.

150 grams of young dandelion buds
150 ml of vinegar
80 ml of water
1 tablespoon of salt
Find Dandelion Buds: Look for very small dandelion buds close to the ground, not the unopened flowers at the top of the plant. These buds are usually found around the base and are the ones you’ll want to harvest for making “capers.”

Gather Carefully: Remember, dandelions can produce several flowers throughout the season. Harvesting these secondary buds won’t harm the plant’s ability to flower again.


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