How to naturally repair a cavity. Keep these tips in mind to avoid visiting the dentist

It’s important to clarify that while a healthy diet and good oral hygiene can help prevent cavities and may aid in the remineralization of teeth in very early stages, once a cavity has formed, it cannot be completely “repaired” naturally at home. Cavities are permanent damage to the tooth enamel that typically require dental intervention to treat. The information provided here aims to offer guidance on how to support oral health and potentially slow the progression of early tooth decay, but it should not replace professional dental advice and treatment.

Naturally Supporting Oral Health to Combat Early Tooth Decay

Cavities are a widespread issue, often leading to discomfort and pain. They occur when tooth enamel is compromised. While early stages of tooth demineralization can be addressed with dietary changes and improved oral hygiene, established cavities usually need professional dental treatment.

Tips for Supporting Oral Health:

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