How to Make Your Own Garden Fertilizer from Banana Peels

Aside from being easy to make, this homemade fertilizer doesn’t need to be kept cold. You can easily keep a jug of it on hand and fill it up with water as needed, adding fresh banana peels every time you eat a banana. The peels will slowly turn darker over time, which means they have lost their nutrients and should be replaced with new ones. This sets up a cycle that keeps giving you organic fertilizer that is full of nutrients.

The results for Sandi are clear. She is proud to show off her healthy plants, which include a big spearmint plant, dill that grows to about waist height, lots of green cherry tomatoes, and a lovely bunch of green peppers. The fact that she was successful shows that this homemade banana peel fertilizer works.

This one-of-a-kind fertilizer not only supports organic gardening, but it also reinforces the smart use of trash. This hack is perfect for people who are really into gardening and making their homes eco-friendly. Making use of something as simple as banana peels can help make the future more sustainable and good for the environment.

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