How To Make Your House Smell Good With 20 Easy Hacks

We gathered up 20 awesome ideas showing you how to make your house smell good and they are so Easy to do! You Will have the best smelling house in your neighborhood!

20 Hacks to Make Your Home Smell Amazing!

ow To Make Your House Smell Good
Laundry Scent Booster Wax Burner
Who knew that you could add Downey Unstoppables or Gain Fireworks to your wax burner via Stock Piling Moms.

Downy Unstoppable Wax Burner

Coffee Bean Tea Lights
Place vanilla scented tea lights in a bowl of coffee beans. The warmth of the candles will heat up the beans and your whole house will smell like French Vanilla Coffee!

French Vanilla Coffee Fragrance for your Home

How To Make Scented Vinegar For Cleaning
You’ll need:

White vinegar
Quart-sized jar with lid
Peels from citrus fruit (oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruits)


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