How to make a fly and mosquito trap at home: It only takes a few minutes.

Using the cutting tool, carefully cut the top one-third of the plastic bottle. This will create a funnel-like structure.
2. Create the Funnel:

Invert the cut portion of the bottle and place it back into the lower part, creating a funnel. Ensure that the narrow end of the funnel points downward.
3. Secure the Funnel:
Use tape or glue to secure the edges of the funnel to the lower part of the bottle. This prevents any gaps for the insects to escape.
4. Add Bait:
Place your chosen bait at the bottom of the bottle. If using sugar water, dissolve sugar in warm water and pour it into the bottom of the bottle.
5. Add Soapy Water:
Fill the bottom of the bottle with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap. The soapy solution makes it difficult for insects to float, ensuring they drown instead.
6. Position the Trap:
Place the trap in areas where flies and mosquitoes are most bothersome. Common locations include near windows, in the kitchen, or on a patio.
7. Monitor and Empty:

Check the trap regularly. As it fills with insects, empty it, and replenish the bait and soapy water as needed.
Tips for Success:

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