How to grow coriander in pots so you don’t run out of it in your kitchen

One of the most used aromatic herbs in cooking is coriander . In addition to offering great flavor , it has many medicinal properties .

Cilantro is necessary and basic in the kitchen , and what could be better than having your own plant at home to be able to grab it at any time .

If you want to know how to plant coriander , in this article we explain how to do it in its different forms :

Buy a bunch of cilantro from a store or supermarket.
Fill a glass a little less than half full of water and add the coriander stems .
Refill and change the water over the days as the plant absorbs what it needs .
After 1 week to 10 days , the stems begin to develop small roots .
If the roots are long enough , it is time to transplant the coriander into a pot .
After sowing , the shoots take around 15 days to appear .

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