How to graft a bush of roses that are different colors

Choose two healthy, vigorous rose bushes with colors you want to combine.
Choose the Grafting Method:
One of the most common methods is T-grafting. Make a T-shaped cut in the stem of the mother plant (rootstock).
Make the Cuts:
Make a clean, quick cut to minimize tissue damage.
Make sure the cuts are as precise as possible so that the inner layers of the crust match up correctly.
Graft the Rose:
Insert the cut end of the rose you are grafting into the T-shaped incision on the stem of the rootstock.
Secure the graft with grafting tape or garden tape. This helps keep the parts together while bonding occurs.
Seal the Graft:
Apply graft sealing paste or graft wax to cuts to prevent disease entry and promote healing.
Take care of the graft:

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