How to detect negative energies in your home with salt water and vinegar

Declare Positivity: Vocalize your intention to welcome positivity with a mantra such as “Embrace positive, banish negative.”

Ventilation Is Vital: Open your windows to allow the sun’s rays and light to pervade your home, flushing out negativity and inviting in a positive aura.

Purify with Sage: A practice deep-rooted in Cheyenne cultures, sage-smudging is a potent method to expel undesirable energies.

De-clutter: Removing unnecessary items and organizing your space can notably enhance the circulation of positive energy.

A Simple Home Remedy for Dissipating Negative Energy

To concoct this remedy, you’ll need 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, coarse salt, and half a liter of filtered water.

Coarse salt is renowned for absorbing negative energies and is especially effective when used thoughtfully during gentle purging and persistently over a duration.

Combine the ingredients in a large, clear glass of water and place it in the most frequented area of your home, letting it sit untouched for a day. Once the salt rises to the surface, it signals that the negative energy has been harnessed.

Feel free to use the same mixture in other rooms to enhance the purification.

A Body Purification Tip

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