How to clean the stove eyes and get rid of blockages

2- Wait until the stove burners become completely cold and remove them from the stove

3- Using a cloth dampened with soap and water, scrub the stove’s eyes well and avoid letting the electrical contact area be exposed to water.

4- If just water and soap are not enough for cleaning, make a paste of baking soda and water, then put this paste on the parts of the stove eyes that you want to clean, leave it for twenty minutes, then rub it.

5- Then remove the paste from the stove eyes with water and dry the stove eyes completely before using them again.

Thus, we have learned about the most important methods that can be followed to solve the problem of clogged stove eyes. We have also learned about ways to clean stove and stove eyes in natural and safe ways. We have also learned together how to clean an electric stove. We hope that we have succeeded through the information we have provided in This article is to help housewives clean the stove and solve the problem of clogged stove eyes

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