Grandma’s Easy Homemade buns recipe

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Homemade buns recipe

Homemade buns are the perfect fix for morning breakfast. Bake them over the weekend and enjoy it over the week. It is healthier to commercial made ones. You can also use the same dough for pizza base or just make buns from left over pizza base. Bread buns make breakfast so easy. Soft dinner rolls taste great with soup.

What are Buns?

The buns are a recipe for brioche rolls, very simple to make for super soft homemade burgers with a golden crust. but these homemade buns are also perfect when filled with meat or vegetables.

My first time making my grandma’s homemade buns recipe to use! I will never buy them from the store again, unless I’m pressed for time. Buns Recipe below…it’s long!

To make these Homemade buns, you will need:

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