Garlic always fresh and intact for 1 year: only cooks know this trick in the kitchen

Garlic is an indispensable ally in the kitchen, especially during winter months when its health-boosting properties become crucial for warding off seasonal flu. Its importance transcends culinary uses, extending to overall well-being. The challenge, however, lies in preserving its freshness. Fortunately, there’s a lesser-known kitchen trick that allows you to keep garlic in pristine condition for at least a year. Let’s delve into this method, embraced by experienced cooks for ensuring garlic remains intact and ready for use.

Preserving Garlic: The Method
This technique involves a few simple steps and accessible ingredients, guaranteeing that your garlic stays fresh without spoiling.

What You’ll Need:
Half a kilo of garlic cloves
Lukewarm water
Two tablespoons of coarse salt (approximately 30 grams)
Apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar
A slice of lemon
A sterilized glass jar
Steps to Preserve Garlic:

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