Fresh, spotless toilets for a week, even the cleaners use it

Without a doubt, one of the most complicated, tiring and boring household tasks is cleaning the bathroom. We use sanitary facilities on a daily basis, and for this reason it is necessary to disinfect them constantly. But how can we make the toilet fresh and spotless for a whole week? There’s a trick that will leave you speechless: let’s find out more.

Cleaning toilets is not at all an easy challenge, in fact, every day they need to be cleaned and disinfected impeccably. When it comes to the bathroom, we need to be careful of all the germs and bacteria that are there. Certainly, the area we need to keep an eye on is the toilet. For obvious reasons, it’s good to clean it at least once or twice a day. But how can we keep it in perfect condition for a week? There is a surefire cure: let’s find out more.

Fresh, clean toilets: what to use?

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