Foolproof trick to convert 1 bar of soap into 3 liters of liquid detergent

The classic bars of soap found in the supermarket were until recently the only option for doing laundry, strictly by hand. As time passed and the arrival of new technologies, such as the washing machine, their use increasingly declined, but they did not disappear completely.

There are those who still use bars of soap today, especially those from Marseille, as they are more effective for treating localized stains. In this article we explain how to convert a bar of soap into 3 liters of liquid detergent .

Liquid detergent is not only recommended to protect your hands, but also to avoid leaving residues on the laundry and because its use with the washing machine is more convenient and versatile. It has only one flaw: the cost which, at times, is very high.

You need :

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