Don’t Throw Away Empty Tuna Cans, They Can Be Worth a Fortune if Used Properly. Here’s How You Can Reuse Them

You can turn tuna cans into unique candle holders or small lanterns.

Preparation: Clean and paint the cans. You can punch holes in the sides to create a lantern effect.
Use: Place small candles inside and enjoy your new, chic lighting solution.
3. Desk Organizers:

Organize your office supplies with stylish tuna can containers.

Preparation: Clean the cans and decorate them to match your office or room decor.
Use: Use them to hold pens, pencils, paper clips, or other small office supplies.
4. DIY Bird Feeders:

Create simple bird feeders to attract wildlife to your garden.

Preparation: Clean the can and paint if desired. Attach a string for hanging.
Use: Fill with birdseed and hang in your garden to feed the birds.
5. Baking Molds:

Tuna cans can be used as molds for baking.

Preparation: Ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and greased.
Use: Perfect for baking small cakes, bread, or even as cookie cutters.
6. Arts and Crafts:

Use tuna cans for various arts and crafts projects.

Preparation: Clean and remove any sharp edges.
Use: They can be used in making mosaics, as part of sculptures, or even in making musical instruments.
7. Storage for Small Items:

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