Do Onions Kill Rats? Here’s How to Use Onions to Stay Away from Rats

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The damage that rats may do to your house and clothing is significant. You may discover how to use onions to ward off rats by reading this article, which answers the question, “Do onions kill rats?”
A Few Interesting Facts

Raccoons, which are classified under the category Rodentia, are rodents that are of a medium size. They are found in almost every region of the world. Because of their size, rats and mice are clearly distinguishable from one another. The size of a mouse is much less than that of an adult rat. Life expectancy varies depending on the species and the environment in which they live. Furthermore, rats are notorious for spreading infections that may be fatal to humans. Because of this, you should either eliminate them or discourage them from coming back.

Do Onions Have the Capacity to Kill Rats?

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